Overview Extension of tax exemptions for exporters for six months Implementation of e-wallet scheme for exporters Decisions regarding E-way bill. Reverse Charge-Extension of tax exemptions up to June 2018 Further extension of provisions for TDS & TCS (Not Applicable up to June 2018) Extension in filing GST Returns i.e. GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 up to

July GST Returns Further Extended

The last date to file GST returns for the month of July i.e., GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 has been further extended to Nov 30th and Dec 11th respectively. These returns were supposed to be filed upto 31st Oct and 10th Nov if this announcement had not been made. However notification to this effect is
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Latest GST Returns Due Dates

GSTR 3B This summary return was additionally introduced to collect the taxes from taxpayers and in time would be abolished. As of today, this is required to be filed up to the month of December 2017. This means in total 6 GSTR 3B would be filed. The due dates are mentioned below: Sn Month (2017)
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GST Three Pillars (WWW)

Four months have been spent in India in the GST driven atmosphere. Taxpayers have very professionally learnt quite a few things as they had advantage of understanding the tax law from its birth. This type of reforms happen once in a long while that an altogether new law has been passed which takes under its
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13 Oct 2017, 39 GST Notifications !

The GST authorities are burning their midnight oil since July 2017 GST roll out in India. Due to the lack of readiness and unacceptability in the masses, the rules and notifications are getting amended quite frequently. Last day i.e., 13 Oct 2017, 39 GST Notifications were released. Yes, this is quite heavy to digest for
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Refund Mechanism under GST

Refunds under various tax laws have always been a question of concern due to the complex and cumbersome procedures that the refund seeker has to met in order to extract his well deserved amount back. For the smooth flow of business and success of the economy the procedures to obtain any extra taxes paid to
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Finally after the staggering 3 months of chaos in the country regarding the GST and its compliance the Finance Ministry of India has taken some of the best measures to give relief to exporters and small taxpayers in 22nd council meeting. In the latest GST council meeting dated October 6th of 2017, the council has
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Relief to Exporters for furnishing LUT

The Government of India has finally shown some empathy towards the exporters with its latest notification vide Notification No. 37/2017 dated 4th October 2017 and a circular on the same day vide circular no. 8/8/2017-GST wherein export procedures have been relaxed under the GST scenario. With the roll out of Goods and Service Tax (GST)
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Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST

Input Tax Credit is the backbone of the GST regime. GST is nothing but a value-added tax on goods and services combined. The levy of tax is based on the value added at each stage of the supply chain till the product or service reaches the ultimate consumer. Value-added tax means collection of tax at
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GST on Government Services

FAQs on Government Services have recently been issued by CBEC providing much needed clarity regarding GST on Government Services. Previously, Government Services were taxable under Service Tax and on services provided by Government or Local Authority to business entities, the liability to discharge Service Tax was on business entity i.e., the service receiver making it
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TDS Mechanism under GST

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is not a new concept in the Indian Taxation Regime. However, as far as Indirect Tax system of India is concerned, this concept has been introduced in it for the first time. TDS is a method under which, certain percentage of amount to be deducted by a recipient at the
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GST Impact on Education Sector

For any economy, education plays the primary role for its growth. In India, education sector has always been promoted through various measures by the government. One such measure is to reduce the cost of education by doing away with the taxes on the same. Education remains one of the priority sectors of India and government
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How to file GSTR 1?

The Indian Government concerned with the GST and its mechanism is putting efforts day and night to resolve issues faced by the Taxpayers to comply with the law passed this year. It has been more than 2 months since the GST has been implemented in the country and yet First GST Return i.e., GSTR 1
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Due dates for filing GSTR-1, 2 & 3 extended till October 2017

  Dear Readers, Due dates for filing GSTR-1, 2 & 3 extended till October; GSTR-3B to be filed for August-December months The GST Council, in its 21st meeting held at Hyderabad on 9th September 2017, has recommended the following measures to facilitate taxpayers: a) In view of the difficulties being faced by taxpayers in filing returns, the
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GST on Resident Welfare Association (RWA)

Resident Welfare Associations are very common in metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. With the roll out of GST in India, the residents are running around to Consultants, Advisers and to their Society’s Chairman for clarification of the law. Here we present the basic questions and their answers as our step
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Job Work under GST

The activity of job worker has always been intriguing whether under the Excise Laws, Service Tax laws or today under the GST law. Here we shall cover the understanding with respect to the job work and his activities, compliance under GST, compliance for Principal while getting the services from a job worker and other related issues.
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Reverse Charge Mechanism Under GST

Reverse charge, where the recipient is liable to pay tax, is common to many countries like Canada, Singapore etc. Normally, the supplier pays the tax on supply. In certain cases, the receiver becomes liable to pay the tax. The purpose of this charge is to increase tax compliance and tax revenues. Earlier, the government was
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E-Way Bill In GST

With the roll out of GST, the taxpayers have shown much eagerness about the mechanism through which the movement of the goods would take place in the new GST ambit. The government has come out with the concept of e-way bill which shall form the basis document for the movement of goods in India. The
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GST on Telecom Distribution Channel

With an ever shrinking margin, effectiveness and reach of distribution remains the key behind success of telecom companies. In recent past Industry has seen many companies with ineffective distribution system either shutting down their business or going for sale of its operations. Remaining companies are continuously looking for measure to cut cost across P&L lines
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Composition Scheme Under GST Scenario

To give relaxation to the small taxpayers under the GST system, the government has discussed about the Composition Scheme under section 10 of the CGST Act 2017. In addition to the principal condition of having a turnover below INR 75 Lacs in the preceding year, there are also few other conditions that have to be
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